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The Social Dilemma Dilemma

Virtualization, Forklifts, Microphones, Shipping Containers, Video Conferencing, Stethoscopes...

When You Gaze Long Into the Machine, The Machine Also Gazes Back

I, Backpack

The Infinite Frontier as American Capitalism's Response to the Malthusian Trap

Advertising, IP Law, and the Invisible Hand


Principles for Radical Tax Reform and a Universal Dividend

Speech is Free, Distribution is Not // A Tax on the Purchase of Human Attention and Political Power

History of the Capital AI & Market Failures in the Attention Economy

Napkin Modeling the US Govt "P&L" // Income Tax and Redistribution Scenarios


Kinky Labor Supply and the Attention Tax

Social Systems are Computations that Minimize Uncertainty


Metrics, Incrementalism, and Local Maxima

Controlling International Trade with a 'Crypto Customs' Bureau // The End of National Labor Politics


Panem et Circenses


"They Say the #1 Killer of Old People is Retirement"

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