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film / video

See also /devlog, my notebook on filmmaking.





tech-gov-and-society (outsider economics)


Oakland Film Club - Rob and I host this regularly. We do typically prepare and share some personal remarks as ‘homework.’

A Few of My Favorite Things - glimpses of the sublime, standing on the shoulders of giants.

Notes - short notes / books and papers I’m reading

Work, Art, and Dignity in the Face of AI and Mass Automation - Recording of a talk I did at FORM 2018 along with a map of my writing on work, dignity, and AI.

When You Gaze Long Into the Machine, The Machine Also Gazes Back - Rob, Nam, and I made this for the RadicalxChange 2020 Conference.

mit iap seminars (organized by me and rob)

2020. (Essay, Syllabus). Film Noir and Failures of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution - a three part seminar.

2019. (Essay, Syllabus). Narrative, Intelligence, and AI - a three part seminar.

2018. (Essay, Syllabus). Consciousness, Computation, and the Universe - a two part seminar.

2017. (Essay, Syllabus). AI, Mass Automation, and the Evolution of Human Dignity - a two part seminar.


etc etc

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