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14 Dec 2023 | by kortina

film devlog #7 // Producing Notes

The same way I’m tracking my Resolve Tips and Editing Notes, I want to start tracking my producing notes here.

Recording Video Podcasts at High Quality with Riverside

I heard about Riverside via The Editing Podcast YouTube channel.

I haven’t yet used it, but I have experienced the pain of trying to record a podcast interview with Zoom and Google Meet, and Riverside sounds compelling, so noting it here for the future:

General Liability Insurance

CA Regulation of 1099 Contractors

In 2020, Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) made it much harder for businesses to classify their workers as independent contractors in CA.

Here are a few useful links about the law:

If you do have someone who falls outside the scope of this regulation – such as a volunteer or intern working for a stipend – they need to sign a deal memo similar to this sample:

All results and proceeds of employee’s services will be deemed to be a work made for hire, specially commissions by and for Producer(s) and copyright holder(s) within the meaning of the copyright laws of Canada/USA. Accordingly, Producer(s) and copyright holder(s) will be the sole and exclusive owner of the Results for all purposes, including, but not limited to, all copyrights to the Results together with the right to exploit the Results in the program and otherwise in connection with the distribution, exhibition, advertising and exploitation of the Program or any part of the foregoing in any and all media and by any and all means while abiding by all union guidelines if project is produced under a union signatory.

Employee acknowledges that this picture may be the subject of “behind the scenes” photography, which may be used in connection with the exhibition, distribution, advertising, publicity, promotion and or other exploitation of the Picture and hereby consents to such a photography and use of the Employee’s name, voice or likeness therein without any compensation to the employee and hereby consents to such usage.

Producer and employee acknowledge that craft and catering services will be provided by the production on every shoot day. Purchases, rentals and travel expenses shall not be reimbursed without the prior written approval of the Line Producer and/or UPM of the Picture.

If the person signing the agreement is under the age of 18…

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