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Principles for Radical Tax Reform and a Universal Dividend

Speech is Free, Distribution is Not // A Tax on the Purchase of Human Attention and Political Power

The Emperor Has No Clothes, There is No Santa Claus, and Nothing is Rocket Science

Kinky Labor Supply and the Attention Tax

The Beautiful Struggle // The Beautiful Game

History of the Capital AI & Market Failures in the Attention Economy

Napkin Modeling the US Govt “P&L” // Income Tax and Redistribution Scenarios

Notes on Narrative, Intelligence, and AI

Social Systems are Computations that Minimize Uncertainty

Controlling International Trade with a ‘Crypto Customs’ Bureau // The End of National Labor Politics

Consciousness as Computation // Learning from Deep Learning and Information Theory

Metrics, Incrementalism, and Local Maxima

A Collection of Internet Curiosities

Free Will, Techno-Determinism, and Panache

Panem et Circenses

Techno-Industrial Alienation, Craft, and The Calculus of Form

If We Were All Buddhists, Life Would End When the Sun Burns Out

Every New Yorker Wants to Open a Restaurant

“They Say the #1 Killer of Old People is Retirement”

Charlie Kaufman on Screenwriting

Memo on Office Food

Origins of Venmo

On Liberal Arts Education

Cormac McCarthy on Vacation


Oakland Film Club - Rob and I host this regularly. We do ‘homework’ prepping for each viewing, which makes it a little bit more fun (especially for the presenter) than just watching a movie.

Lucas - Bedford Ave looked like a pop-art installation.

Identity Swap - Really fun collab with Kristin Lucas at the New Museum…. arg, should have actually built this!

Salt and Pepper - Iqram and I chat Venmo at the Northside Festival.

Jazzy's isn't open for dinner - Originally was gonna pass, then thought what would Bill Murray do in this situ’ash?

Work, Art, and Dignity in the Face of AI and Mass Automation - Recording of a talk I did at FORM 2018 along with a map of my writing on work, dignity, and AI.

Narrative, Intelligence, and AI - two part seminar Rob and I organized MIT’s IAP 2019.

Consciousness, Computation, and the Universe - two part seminar Rob and I organized for MIT’s IAP 2018.

AI, Mass Automation, and the Evolution of Human Dignity - two part seminar I organized for MIT’s IAP 2017.


Fin - Founded with my friend, Sam.

Venmo - Founded with my friend, Iqram.

GitHub - My open source projects.

Unsubscribe Button for Chrome - Adds a shortcut to Gmail for unsubscribing from marketing emails.

Focus Reader View for Chrome - Adds a “Reader View” (like Safari’s or Readability) to Chrome.

Run in Terminal for vscode - Use a keyboard shortcut to run any command in the Integrated Terminal of Virtual Studio Code.

Yogiref - An iPhone and Android app to help yoga students and teachers learn and reference poses.

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Principles for Radical Tax Reform and a Universal Dividend