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6 Aug 2020 | by kortina

#040 // Fight Club

Fight Club is another classic like The Matrix which I view as a sort of ‘total package’ movie (vs They Live, which while an awesome premise, isn’t exactly hitting my bar on every dimension for a great movie).

What I think is important about this ‘total package’ type of movie is that it can serve as an entry point for pretty serious / fundamental / hard intellectual questions.

Fight Club and The Matrix were certainly this for me in high school, and I’m sure played no small role in my decision to study political philosophy in college.

What struck me this viewing of Fight Club was how much of a critique of the left I now see in it – I have a great deal of sympathy for the critique of the dominant institutions, but my issue with a lot of critiques is that they don’t present a real positive alternative direction / imagine a working better reality. I kind of see Fight Club as making this critique of the left, asking the question: but what happens after the revolution?

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