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3 May 2020 | by becky

#033 // Castro Street + Quixote

This week Becky guest-(remote)-hosted, with 2 films from Bruce Baillie.

Castro Street (1965):

10 mins - Castro Street

45 mins - Quixote

If you want supplementary reading, here is a great essay on Castro Street, and here is an interview with Baillie from 2015 that I enjoyed. An excerpt from one of his responses that stood out: “The only thing that sets mankind into activity is to seek himself. That search, and some of the stepping stones along that path, I would see as the task that some of us accept. It is not really about any rewards. It’s about the doing, the done, itself. It’s not getting money for it. It’s not how you’re going to be prominent or famous for it. There’s no extraneous motivation lingering in the heart of a poet.

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