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28 Nov 2023 | by kortina

Atwood // The Testaments

The Testaments – Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale – is even more of a thriller than the original.

Notes and quotes…

2405 Then, lineups for the foul toilets, and good luck to you if yours was clogged, since no one would come to unclog it. My theory? The guards went around at night stuffing various materials down the toilets as a further aggravation. Some of the more tidy-minded tried to clean up the washrooms, but once they saw how hopeless it was they gave up. Giving up was the new normal, and I have to say it was catching.

I love this expression: “eyes gleaming with purpose.”

2475 We went along the corridor. Baritone rumblings came from behind doors; men in outfits like the ones beside me hurried past, their eyes gleaming with purpose, their voices staccato. There’s something spine-stiffening about uniforms, about insignia, about shiny lapel pins. No slouchers here!

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