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8 Dec 2023 | by kortina

Wallace // The Broom of the System

I had been holding off on reading The Broom of the System, because it was one of the last David Foster Wallace Books I hadn’t read and I wanted to save it – but it finally came up on my Libby queue so I just read it.

I guess this was unfounded – or maybe just because I hadn’t heard too many people rave about it the way they rave about other DFW texts – but I was expecting it to be not so great.

But, unsurprisingly in retrospect, I loved it. If you love DFW, it’s worth a read.

There’s a fixation on psychology and strange loops (“shaves all and only those who do not shave themselves”) that I suppose many would find a bit overly intellectual, but I enjoy this kinds of thing, and I guess that’s why I enjoy DFW.

Perhaps the best thing in this book are the character names, eg:

So good…

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