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22 Mar 2023 | by kortina

Schuster // Glow in the F*cking Dark

Glow in The F*cking Dark is a memoir / deeply personal essay collection from Tara Schuster with the right mix of emotional intensity and humor.

Probably my favorite example of the type of thing in here is Toilet Zen:

“Toilet Zen” - Something I made up. This is how I meditate each day. Every time I sit on the toilet, I don’t look at my phone (We can be honest that that’s what we’re all usually doing, right? And that it’s super gross?). I say, “I am here,” and remind myself that I am actually here and present. Bathroom time is me time and since I’m going more often, I’m really balling out on this.

Toilet Zen is both at the same time hilarious and totally on point.

Def Rx if you’re looking for some war stories on self-healing and self-compassion.

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