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29 Jun 2023 | by kortina

Auder // Don''t Call Me Home

After slogging through the abstraction of Not Too Late, reading Alexandra Auder’s Don’t Call Me Home: A Memoir was a such a breath of fresh air.

First, a meta note… have you noticed how in recent years books are often suffixed with a category, eg, “A Memoir,” or The Candy House: A Novel?

I’m sure there is some publisher mandate informed by a mountain of customer research data that explains this trend.

In this case, I suppose it’s helpful, because Alex’s life is full of wild stories better than most fiction I’ve read recently.

This book is not just a portrait of the “good old days of New York, when things were still cool” (eg any time before you moved to New York) – it’s also a really poignant exploration of a complex mother / daughter relationship.

I loved it.

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