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6 Jun 2024 | by kortina

Kingsolver // Demon Copperhead

Nam read Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver – I think for a book club – and recommended it to me.

I was really wondering how this book one a Pulitzer Prize – and thinking how much better Sam Quinones’ Dreamland and The Least of Us and the Hulu series Dopesick were – but by about a third of the way through the book I got into it.

I think maybe one of the things that got me into it was when the narrator grew up and got into high school – I guess maybe I’m not that into child narrators.

Anyway, this book is pretty solid. One of the things it captures particularly well is the caregiver guilt that comes with caring for an addict – it hits this point really well, I think better than Quinones or Dopesick.

It’s worth a read.

Notes and quotes…

If you spend one penny less than you earn every month, you’ll be happy. But spend a penny more than you earn, you’re done for. He’d look at me with those dark, sad eyes and lay this on me. That the secret of happiness basically is two cents.

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