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1 Sep 2021 | by kortina

Oates // Blonde

There came Death hurtling toward her yet she was unable to know in what form, and when.

A friend of mine found a copy of Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates in a pile of free books on a stoop. I was compelled to read it after her recommendation:

I found it on a stoop maybe 7-8 years ago and held on to it through multiple moves sensing our time would come. And it did! It influenced my world view, which is the ultimate compliment for any work of art IMO.

It never would have occurred to me to read a novel about Marilyn Monroe, but I am really glad I did. This story is sweet and tragic and amazing.

There’s a fantastic interview with Joyce Carol Oates by Michael Silverblatt at the end of the audiobook, if you go that route.

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