Sofia... serial noir, headphones Rx-ed.

Exuberance and Despair 

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Sofia’s sitting at a table in the cafeteria area, eating some fruit.

VOICE: (from behind) Sofia!?

SOFIA: (turning) Meg? Hi!

MEG: What are you doing here?

SOFIA: Philosophizing.

MEG: (raises an eyebrow, not the answer she’s expecting…) About what?

SOFIA: I figured out what’s Beyond Good and Evil.

MEG: What?

SOFIA: Exuberance and Despair.

MEG: (laughing for a second) OK, so not much has changed…

SOFIA: (slight grimace / sigh) No, I’m …

MEG: (continuing) Did you move to SF?

SOFIA: Every hero must descend into the underworld at some point in their adventure.

MEG: (rolls eyes) Oh, come on…

SOFIA: Well, I guess it’s not the underworld. It’s Circe’s island.

MEG: (grabbing Sofia’s shoulder) OK, OK, tell me everything… Can I sit with you and eat?

… a few minutes later, at the lunch tables…

SOFIA: So, the documentary is shot like a nature channel show. It starts at this shop I stumbled upon a few months ago…

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