Sofia... serial noir, headphones Rx-ed.

The Toothbrush Incident 

A few weeks later …


Sofia walks into her bedroom and throws herself on her bed, looking exhausted. She pulls out her phone, reads a few lines of a group chat.

Maria: plan tonight?

Yoshi: bbq. bushwick. will send deets

SOFIA: (to herself) Miss you guys….

She begins typing a message.

I lost my toothbrush. It was a flat, clear one I got from the bathroom kit at a hotel, maybe 6 mos ago. I just went for days using my finger to wipe toothpaste on my teeth and then rinsing and gargling the pasty water. I flossed too, of course. One day I was on the way home from dinner, and was about to stop into a bodega on Valencia St to see if they had one, but I saw these guys in startup t shirts and silly socks inside and I just could not. Another night, I tried a different bodega and the guy said they were sold out and he would check in the back. Nothing. This afternoon, I was determined to do it. I went inside the big supermarket across the street, and right away had this sinking feeling in my stomach. I stood in the tooth products aisle. Bruce Springsteen’s “Everybody has a hungry heart” was playing on the radio. I gazed at all the choices, trying to remember the latest dental wisdom. I think you are supposed to get extra soft. I just wanted a cheap one, not one of the ergonomical-fancy-angled or rubber-grippy-comfort-handled ones. 6ft by 4ft of shelf space, and they were all fucking fancy ones. I conceded my “cheap” requirement. I saw an Ultra-Soft bristle one, reached for it, but it was only available in a 2 packs, and I only wanted 1 toothbrush. Why so many choices but not the one I want? WTF, how am I spending time picking out toothbrushes for 5 minutes? The utter meaninglessness of this moment consumed my entire consciousness, and I just stood there, eyes widening and lip beginning to tremble with terror, or despair. Finally, I found the courage to grab a just regular soft fancy handled one and find the self checkout.

Stares at phone screen, waiting.

Maria: LOL

Alex: 😹 reminds me of this chapter of a malcom gladwell book

SOFIA: Fuck. (hurls phone against wall)

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